Great made in China-no lead PVC pipe
time: 2020-06-30

01.Environmental protection pipeline brings energy into healthy and green life.

Pipes are widely used in our life, especially PVC plastic pipes, which are everywhere from urban construction to household pipes. Municipal water supply and drainage construction, power communication, gas transmission, agricultural planting They are closely related to daily life, because of the connection of pipes, people's life is better.


With the trend of consumption upgrading and the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, Chinese people pay more and more attention to drinking water quality. In fact, in the field of water supply pipes, the water pipes that tap water passes through do not contain lead, because since 2004, China has ordered the prohibition of water supply pipes containing lead.

02. Lead free PVC pipeline leads the green development of the industry.

Why does the pipe contain lead?

Because the decomposition temperature of PVC is lower than the processing temperature, heat stabilizer is needed in production. Lead salt stabilizer is a kind of stabilizer commonly used in PVC pipe production.

The traditional lead salt heat stabilizer has the characteristics of quick effect and high cost performance in the application of industry technology. However, in the use process, lead is produced due to the impact of external environmental forces, which is easy to have adverse effects on the ecological environment such as soil and water during the accumulation process.

PVC pipes are widely used. The annual output of PVC pipe fittings is about 13.5 million tons in the world and 6 million tons in China. If it is PVC pipe containing lead, the impact on the environment should not be underestimated.

The problem of lead pollution in PVC pipes can be solved from the source by replacing the traditional lead salt stabilizer with the green environmental calcium zinc composite heat stabilizer. 

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