How to choose household PPR pipe specifications?
time: 2020-06-22

First distinguish the PPR hot water pipe and cold water pipe for decoration:

The most basic appearance differencesThere are red lines on hot water pipes and blue lines on cold water pipes.


Why distinguish hot and cold water pipes?

This is because the cold water pipe cannot be used as a hot water pipe, and the temperature and pressure resistance are not as high as the hot water pipe.




Let's take a look at common PPR water pipe specifications:

Common water pipe specifications:

DN15, DN20 , DN25, DN32 , DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, etc.




PPR pipe specifications:

DN is the nominal outside diameter of the pipe (note, not the diameter)

S represents the series of pipes and represents the compressive strength.

S3.2 and S2.5 represent hot water pipes, S4 and S5 represent hot and cold water pipes




Common home improvement ppr specifications:

Calculated from the ppr outer diameter specifications, common home improvement ppr specifications are: 20, 25, 32mm and other specifications. S3.2 and S2.5 hot water pipes, these two are domestic hot water pipes, there are PPR standard type and PPR antibacterial type. If it is used for heating, use standard PPR.


PPR pipe diameter:

Mainly used in home decoration are 20mm and 25mm, of which 20mm tube is used more. 25mm for general header and 20mm for branch.

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