Precautions for connection of fused steel pipe frame plastic composite pipe fused fittings
time: 2020-03-25

As a bridge connecting the steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, the fused pipe fitting plays an irreplaceable role on the entire pipe.Similarly, the quality of its connection is related to the compliance of the entire pipeline. In order to facilitate the operation of everyone, HENAN HESU pipe industry. summarized some precautions when connecting fused pipe fittings for your reference.



First, when fused pipe fittings are connected, they should be constructed when the outdoor temperature is low or close to the lowest. Because plastic pipes have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, when the temperature is the lowest in the day, it is also the smallest state of the pipe. It will be very easy to connect the fused fittings here.

Second, when connecting fused pipe fittings, make sure that the fused pipe fittings and their sockets, seals, and other accessories are cleaned up without soil, water, and other impurities. If there is dirt on it, it must be wiped clean with a wet towel before connecting to avoid affecting the welding quality.

Thirdly, when it is necessary to connect by electric melting flange, metal items such as loop steel flanges and bolts must be anti-corrosion treated according to the soil on site and corresponding national standards to avoid rust and affect the quality of use.

Fourth, when connecting the fused pipe fittings, care should also be taken to place the viewing holes of the pipe fittings directly above or to the side of the pipe fittings to facilitate observation during welding.

Fifth, the connected fused pipe fittings should be marked on both sides to prevent the pipe from falling off and offset during the subsequent connection process, which is convenient for checking whether the fused pipe fitting is in the center area during welding.

Finally, the HENAN HESU pipe industry reminds you: the connection of the fused pipe must be carefully checked, and there must be no mistakes, so as to ensure that the steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe is pressed and inspected.

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