Quality factors affecting PE pipe welding
time: 2020-03-20

PE fused fittings are a type of PE pipe, which is mainly used for the connection of steel mesh skeleton polyethylene pipes and PE gas pipes. In the process of welding PE pipes, some problems often occur. The factors affecting the quality of PE pipe welding are The following points.


1. The difference in environment also has a certain impact on the quality of the interface. The welding temperature of PE pipes is generally 20 degrees Celsius. The difference in environmental temperature during the welding process means that the heat conduction strip of the pipe is changed during the welding process, which directly affects Welding quality.

2. The impact of bad operation on the quality of the interface. The bad operation mentioned here mainly refers to the construction staff's lack of responsibility and failed to follow the procedures of the operation procedures. Before welding, carefully check the various operating steps to obtain a good welding interface.

(a common phenomenon):

(1) Inaccurate positioning, insufficient depth of pipe insertion, PE pipe and PE pipe fittings are not on the same axis.

(2) The coil pipe is not straightened before welding, or the bending deformation is relatively large.

(3) The PE pipe connection port is not scraped or incomplete, and the port is not chamfered or debris.

3, The impact of voltage and current fluctuations on the quality of the interface. For some qualified PE pipes that leave the factory, the internal resistance value of the pre-resistance wire is constant. The heating power of the resistance wire is related to the voltage provided by the welding power source. As it changes, the quality of the splice interface changes due to the effects of heating power fluctuations.

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