Overseas Project Construction of Pipeline Bureau is Non-stop
time: 2018-12-20

According to the Thai Project of Pipeline Bureau, the Spring Festival is the golden period of local engineering construction. In order to speed up the progress of the project, the participants have been sticking to the construction line, creating a welding record of 90 kilometers for the monthly welding pipeline.

The Malaysian project staff of Pipeline Bureau Five Company seize the opportunity and rush the schedule by making use of the good construction conditions that the rainy season has passed and the engineering materials are basically in place during the local Spring Festival. Two projects, 804 and 806, are under construction in this project. The construction covers steel structure, equipment installation, process pipeline and cable laying, etc. During the Spring Festival, the project department speeded up the tail construction of cleaning process pipelines and orderly pushed forward the pressure test work. The construction site of the project presented a busy and lively scene. During the reunion period of the motherland people, the project successfully completed five pressure test packages, cleared 563 tail items and laid 10 kilometers of cables.  

Pipeline builders also stick to the front line during the Spring Festival in the Madinoun Oilfield in southern Iraq, which is located on the border between Iraq and Iraq. More than 10 wells'process pipelines, 6 pipelines with different diameters, and the construction of electrical instruments, all of them are the key to increase oil production and transportation in 2018.  


The Saudi Arabia Nura Project of the Pipeline Administration is under intensive construction and production. Nearly 100 construction workers escorted the smooth progress of the project. Since May 2017, the project has been constructed in strict accordance with the requirements of Saudi Arabian Amy Company, with a total of 116 kilometers of pipe laying, 105 kilometers of welding and 86 km underground construction. The site management, construction quality and construction progress have been recognized by all parties.  

Abu Dhabi Branch, as the overseas window of Pipeline Design Institute, focuses on the United Arab Emirates and covers the Middle East and Africa. During the Spring Festival, the branch has 16 key projects to run normally. 56 Chinese and Foreign Pipeline Designers of the company abandoned reunion with their families and chose to stick to it. The EPC project of the first Abu Dhabi onshore oil company contracted by the pipeline bureau is also in full swing. 22 employees stick to their posts and strive for project nodes to ensure the follow-up acquisition and construction progress.  

In Pakistan, FEED design projects for LNG terminal facilities and offshore pipelines are under intensive development. According to the owner's request, the first phase of the project is scheduled to close on February 24. In order to ensure the construction node, 31 designers work overtime during the festival.

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