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Product:Butt Fusion Welder / 

                Manual Butt Fusion Welder / 

                Semi-automatic Hydraulic Welding Machine, etc.

Application area: PE, PPR, PPC, PVDF

Welding range: 20mm to 1600mm

Target customer: Pipe manufacturers, 

                            gas and water companies,

                            professional construction companies, etc. 

Product Description

Socket hot-melt welding machine:

The heat of the heating plate is transferred to the upper and lower plastic heating parts by the electric heating method. The heating power and mold size can be set according to the size of different plastic parts to realize the welding of a variety of plastic parts.


PE butt welding machine:

A special equipment for realizing hot-melt welding of plastic materials. This equipment is suitable for pipes made of PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastic pipes and fittings. Good stability and independent temperature control system.


Electrofusion welding machine:

Electrofusion welding machine is also called electrothermal welding machine. It has a timed alternating current with a constant billet and constant current, which can be used for electrofusion welding of PE pipes (steel wire skeleton pipes).


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