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HDPE corrugated pipe fittings

Material: Plastic
Technics: Casting
Connection: Cup Joint
Color: Black,Grey
Thread: Metric/PG
Name: Uion For Corrugated hose
Usage: Wire Connecting
Application: Electric Power
Working Temperature: -40℃~+110℃
Standard: ISO9001

Product Description

Our manhole shaft uses PE  pipe, corrugated pipe or  winding pipe to adjust itself, so it is very much flexible, we  can intercept the  corresponding length according to site buried length. We use rubber seal ring at the connection of manhole shaft,inlet (outlet) pipe and manhole base,so that small inner angle changes can be made. It is convenient to install, not easy to leak, environment friendly and energy saving.



1, Well hydraulic conditions: 

plastic inspection chamber can bear high strength,impact,with strong corrosion resistance;Wells inside is sleek fluent,reducing congestion;1-3 times as the traditional rain pollution emission.

2, Construction installation convenient: 

can greatly improve the construction progress and construction efficiency more than five times as much as the traditional inspection Wells.

3, Save energy: 

reduce the sewage disposal costs, energy saving.

4, Small covers of the area: 

change the traditional making method of inspection Wells limitation are above 700mm in diameter, reducing the area of inspection Wells.

5, Light weight: 

excellent durability chemical.

6, Environment friendly and recycled:

the products can be recycled.


1. Indoor building water supply

2. Outdoor Buried Industrial and Civil Building Water Supply and Drinking Water Pipelines

3. Industrial process and discharge pipe for conveying corrosive liquids

4. Mine, non-ferrous metal industry, pulp and non-ferrous metal smelting in the transport of corrosive media

5. Agricultural irrigation pipeline

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