HDPE Steel Wire Water Pipe

  • 6 Meters Min. Order

  • Specification: 20mm-800mm

  • Thickness: 2-60mm

  • Length: 6m or as required

  • Standard: GB/T13663-2000,ISO4427-1:2007

  • Material: PE,Polyethylene

  • 6 Meters Min. Order

  • Color: Black with color line

Product Description

HESU PE steel wire composite pipe product performance and technical requirements in accordance with

industry standards CJ/T189-2007 implementation. The scope of construction of the implementation of

engineering standards "Engineering Water Supply Wire Skeleton Plastic (polyethylene) Composite Pipe

Technical Specifications" CECS181.

The HESU PE steel wire mesh composite pipe is a new type of composite material that uses high-strength

steel wire and polyethylene plastic as raw materials, high-strength steel wire wound to form a reinforced

layer, and high-density polyethylene plastic as an inner and outer layer to form an integral wall tube.

Structural wall pressure pipe. In this kind of pipeline, the reinforcing steel wire is covered in continuous

thermoplastics, which ensures the isolation of the steel wire from the outside world and makes the service

life of the steel wire longer.


● Indoor building water supply

● Outdoor Buried Industrial and Civil Building Water Supply and

Drinking Water Pipelines

● Industrial process and discharge pipe for conveying corrosive


● Mine, non-ferrous metal industry, pulp and non-ferrous metal

smelting in the transport of corrosive media

● Agricultural irrigation pipeline



1. Overcomed the stress cracking of plastic pipes.
2. High corrosion resistance equals to plastic pipe, long service life (50 years in normal use conditions)
3.Make pipe with different pressure grade by adjust the number or diameter of the steel wire .Excellent chemical stability, good flexibility and Toughness.
4.Connected by electrofusion type, easy to install and transport, lower maintenance costs.

5.Nontoxic,Recycled and Environment-friendly, environmental stress crack resistance.

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