HDPE Reinforced Krah Corrugation B-Pipe

  • PE100 Water drainage pipe

  • Specification: DN300mm-3000mm

  • Pressure: SN4-SN12.5

  • Length: 5.8m/11.9m or as required

  • Standard: GB/T 19472. 2-2004, ISO1183, 2039, DIN16961, BS EN13476

  • Material: PE, Polyethylene

  • Color: Black

Product Description

(1) Good flexibility: it can adapt to the construction under poor foundation conditions and resist uneven settlement;

(2) Ring flexibility: The pipe is flexible pipe. The flexible pipe can be deformed before being crushed under pressure, and the external pressure load will be transmitted and distributed to the surrounding backfill soil;

(3) Corrosion resistance: the pipeline material is resistant to corrosion and therefore will not be corroded by acid and alkali and oil in sewage and wastewater;

(4) Good anti-seismic disturbance performance: no stress concentration will be formed at the joint, and the seismic fortification intensity of the product will reach 9 degrees;

(5) Convenient connection: It is simple and fast by adopting socket type electric fusion connection and socket type sealing ring connection.

(6) Good sealing performance, safe zero leakage: Adopting socket type electric fusion connection, zero leakage can be realized;

(7) Anti-aging: Due to the substrate characteristics of the pipeline, it can be effectively used for more than 50 years, and the maintenance cost is low;

(8) Cold and heat resistant: the pipe will not freeze or expand and leak in the environment of minus 60 °C, and the pipeline can maintain good performance within 45 °C;

(9) Light weight: the pipe has low requirements on the bearing capacity of the foundation and is beneficial to reduce the mechanical utilization rate;

(10) Wear resistance: PE is a kind of wear-resistant material. The sand abrasion test proves that the life of the B-type tube of the HDPE wound structure wall is more than 4 times that of the steel pipe and the service life is long;

(11) Low construction cost: light weight, convenient connection, saving the required working time and engineering cost;

(12) Good water performance: smooth inside, low friction resistance and fast drainage speed;

(13) No pollution to the environment: non-toxic, renewable raw materials, will not pollute the environment; zero leakage can prevent secondary pollution.







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